Initial appointment of 1 hour to see what you would like.


·         Please bring your outfit and accessories so that colours can be matched.


·         All materials / feathers can be hand dyed to colour.


·         During the appointment, Kate will take your head fitting and present samples; Try on a range of styles and select your favourite.


·         For more complex pieces, there may be an additional fitting.


·         Allow around a month for your hat to be completed.


·         Limited designs, colours and styles available on a shorter timescale, please ring to enquire.



For prices please contact Kate McKenny. Small or large commissions are welcome.

Prices range from:

£60 - £100 for headcombs and headbands.

£140 - £300 for hats and couture pieces.

There are discounts for multiple orders or groups e.g. Weddings, Ascot group visits.


All prices are based on the design and type of materials used for individual commissions.